My wife and I have had the privilege of being clients of Snook and Mohan Insurance Agency for over 15 years. During that time, we have purchased a variety of products and have found the agency to have provided an exemplary level of service which is carried out in a highly professional yet warm and friendly manner. As clients, we were treated like we were members of their family. We are honored to recommend the 5 star rated Snook and Mohan Insurance Agency to any one who needs their services. You will have made a sound decision to work with such wonderful people as Lisa and Owen.

Al and Terry Picard
Chicopee, MA
We have had the utmost pleasure of working with Lisa over many years. Her vast knowledge, impeccable service and commitment are second to none. Lisa has helped us with choosing long-term health insurance as well as various investment options, always researching and finding the best. She is a great communicator, very personable and has our full trust and confidence. We are so grateful to have Lisa to rely on when needed, and I could not recommend her more highly! On a scale of 1-10, Snook and Mohan is an 11!

Taylor and Geri Brockway
South Hadley, MA
My wife and I got 2 great UL/LTC insurance policies through Lisa and Owen.  They really worked very hard to get us the best product.  The LTC application process can be long/tedious depending on your age/health and they were there all the way answering endless questions I had and doing a lot of work (applying to 3 different companies) in order to get us with the best policy.  They were always available to answer detailed questions and to fight to get us the best product.  My financial adviser confirmed we really had done well for our money when he saw what we had gotten.  In addition to being very knowledgeable and qualified, they are very nice folks to deal with.  We really enjoyed doing business with them.  A great independent insurance agency like them can really be a good choice to do business with as they are not tied to one company's products.

Doug and Sarah Smith
South Hadley, MA
Hi Lisa and Owen,
I'm writing to thank you for all you did to help me obtain exactly the type of long-term-care policy I was hoping to find.  You were infinitely patient in answering my endless questions and always quick to respond whenever a new one came up.  Best of all, I know that you truly had my best interests at heart throughout the process.  You gave me all the information you had and all the wisdom gained from your years of experience, then left the decisions to me.  Thank you again for turning this challenging endeavor into such a friendly and rewarding experience.
Pat Billingsley
Williamsburg, MA
"Comfortable" is not a word I often use to describe my experience with financial decisions. But with Lisa and Owen, that is precisely the word that comes to mind. My partner and I initially met with them about eight years ago to discuss long-term care insurance. They thoroughly explained our options, answered our many questions, and offered expert advise about this type of coverage. No pressure, just solid guidance and support every step of the way. When we needed help with a claim, they responded immediately. We also turned to them at retirement for advise about an investment decision. Again they gave us the information and perspective we needed to choose wisely, in this case an annuity that has worked very well for us. Lisa and Owen are not only consummate professionals, but also delightful, warm and caring people who conduct their business with the utmost integrity. I honestly can't recommend them highly enough.

Deborah Levenson
Hadley, Massachusetts
TALENTED, PROFESSIONAL, PERSONABLE, ACCOMMODATING! Our 10 year daughter has a serious health issue that may impede her ability to live independently in the future. Lisa and Owen provided us with many options, ultimately coming up with the best possible solutions at a very affordable cost! My husband and I sleep comfortably knowing without a doubt our daughter's needs will be met after we have passed on. Our family members will now have the ability to hire a private nurse, buy necessary medications and treatments and provide a wonderful life for our daughter. Thank you Lisa and Owen...you have given us peace of mind!

Brad and Stacy Fisk
Middlefield, Massachusetts
It was such a pleasure working with Lisa and Owen who guided us through the difficult and overwhelming decision-making process in purchasing long-term care insurance.   Lisa and Owen investigated numerous companies offering traditional and hybrid long-term care products and proposed the best options for us.  Our decision was made knowing we were in very knowledgeable hands and that we were able to make the very best informed decision.

Christine and Rocky Barbuto
Hatfield, MA
The services that Owen and Lisa professionally provide are invaluable. They efficiently and ably wade through the complicated issues of health insurance coverage to advise their clients on the best and least costly options. With the same attentiveness, they will underwrite MassHealth qualified annuities, long term care insurance and many retirement planning products. Not only do they place great importance on the overall issues but on the smallest of details, as well. Their efficiency and seamless performance has helped me to more easily provide the much needed services for my client without overseeing because I can be confident knowing that they are most knowledgeable in all facets of the services they provide.

Estelle M. Stasz
Medicaid Specialist and Legal Assistant
Easthampton, Massachusetts
We first met Owen and Lisa about 10 years ago as we were considering purchasing long term care insurance.  We found them to be extremely knowledgeable, honest, thorough, and professional, with a focus on doing what was best for our needs - and overall, great to deal with.  They are not tied to one particular insurance company, which gave us the flexibility to choose from a variety of reputable companies and policies.  We also recently signed up for a Medicare Supplemental Policy and a Prescription Drug Plan through Snook and Mohan, again finding their expertise and recommendations very helpful.  We're pleased to recommend Lisa and Owen highly and without reservation.

Rick and Linda Parker
South Deerfield, Massachusetts
Long term care insurance is no longer the wave of the future as the boomer population explodes into old age.  It is the wave now.  There are no better agents in the valley than Owen G. Mohan and Lisa Snook-Mohan to address the issue of who takes care of us in old age and who pays for it.  Snook and Mohan have provided impeccable advice and products to both my clients as well as myself and my wife.  They are caring, concerned, patient and knowledgeable.  They take bedside manner to a new level.

Attorney Michael Hooker
Northampton, Massachusetts
We can't say enough good things concerning Lisa and Owen. We have had the pleasure of interacting with them for 5 or 6 years.  I initially saw Lisa to convert my 401K into an annuity.  I have health issues so I wanted my money to be safe from market volatility and to pay out monthly.  Lisa researched and offered me multiple options, which were all good.  I chose the one with the “best fit” for me.  In the process of moving my money, she also got my money an extra half percent, YEA!!! Over time Lisa and Owen have answered many emails and questions we have had. Their advice has always been accurate and their response has been quick and accurate.  Recently my husband decided to convert his 401K.  We met with them and everything was handled quickly and efficiently. They even thought to get his money out of the market and into something safer in case the market changed, which it did.  THANK YOU both so much.  Your knowledge and advice has been great.  I have and will continue to recommend Snook and Mohan.

Gerri & Rich Strangman
Shutesbury, MA
It is our pleasure to write in support of the outstanding education, guidance and appropriate life insurance coverage that Snook and Mohan Insurance Agency provided my husband and me.  Neither one of us had much of an understanding, nor experience regarding life insurance.  We were in our late fifties and long overdue for attending to our life insurance needs.

Owen and Lisa started the process by educating us about the many, many insurance policies, benefits, and restrictions.  Also, due to our age, we were hoping to find comprehensive coverage at an affordable price.  Learning about our options made the process much less intimidating and comfortable.

As independent brokers, Owen and Lisa researched all our options and presented us with several top policies with regard to coverage and affordability. We felt well-equipped to make an informed decision thanks to their information and guidance.

The process was completely oriented to our lifestyle and insurance objectives.  They came to our home, kept us in the loop, and ultimately provided us with insurance that not only met our needs, but was also very affordable.

For us, getting life insurance was on par with a trip to the dentist; fraught with anxiety.  Thanks to Owen and Lisa's depth of knowledge, excellent communication styles, and dedication to meeting our personal needs, we can now rest assured that we have comprehensive coverage.

Without reservation, we recommend Snook and Mohan Insurance Agency. Owen and Lisa provided us individualized service that can only be described with superlatives.  

Take the leap, the sooner the better, and enjoy the peace of mind only Snook and Mohan can bring you.

Claudia M. O'Brien and George A. Heake, Jr.
Northampton, Massachusetts
We often hear, "Growing old is not for sissies," and we agree!  One of the special bright spots during this journey for us over the past eight-plus years, as we've became Medicare eligible, has been being able to lean on the knowledge, skill, compassion, and warmth of Lisa and Owen as we confronted the health insurance quagmire.  From our very first meeting they were informative and patient in explaining our options, with a keen eye for our specific health issues, in the context of our financial circumstances.  Thus they were able to advise each of us individually on which plans would be most cost effective, while still providing the most comprehensive and appropriate coverage not only in the Medicare domain, but regarding long-term care insurance as well.

Each October, as open enrollment comes around, we can count on Lisa reminding us that it is time once again to make an appointment with her to discuss the options available for the coming year, and to ascertain our current health and financial status.  In these, as in all our dealings with Lisa and Owen, we feel treated not only with the respect we would hope for from capable professionals, but with warm and friendly solicitude for our overall well-being.  Based on these experiences we have over the years referred friends and associates to Snook and Mohan, always with happy results.  We are pleased to extend our recommendation to this public venue.

Susan C. Loud, LMHC
Roget Lockard, M.Ed.
Southampton, Massachusetts
In preparation for the birth of our first child, my wife and I sat down to review the life insurance policies that we had purchased several years prior.  Instead of feeling safe and secure, we had many questions that we were unable to find answers to.  Lisa and Owen took the time to examine the policies we had in place and provided objective insight for us to make an informed decision about our life insurance.  Once we decided to purchase new life insurance policies, they guided us through the entire process with a high level of care and expertise.  Our complete experience with the Snook and Mohan Insurance Agency was delightful and we would highly recommend their services to friends and family.

Sujata Holman, MD and Brett J. Holman
Leeds, Massachusetts
On a scale of 1-10, ten being excellent and 1 being unsatisfactory, Snook and Mohan Insurance Agency rates a 10. We have done most of our business with Lisa. She is professional, but warm, friendly, accommodating, personal and caring. She has helped us with long term care insurance, health care supplements and prescription drug plans. She takes a personal interest in our individual health and circumstances when choosing the best plans for us, even interjecting personal experience with results she has found works for her. Although we usually talk to and see each other on one or two occasions each year, we always feel important to Lisa as a client and friend. This agency and these two individuals were truly a wonderful find. In this age of being put on hold and dealing with computers, the personal touch is very refreshing. Snook and Mohan come highly recommended from us.

Susie and Peter Dow
Longmeadow, Massachusetts
Our family has done business with Owen G. Mohan since 1993.  We have always been very satisfied with the work Owen has done.  He has always gone out of his way to take care of us in a very efficient and businesslike manner.

Jeannette and Shirley Szczypta
Southampton, Massachusetts
I have been with Snook and Mohan since 2006.  When I first talked with them, I needed help in analyzing my finances looking ahead to retirement.  They set up an annuity that has worked wonderfully well and they also helped me decide on healthcare options.  Because they are independent, they can search many companies to find the very best situation for your needs.  The dynamic duo, Lisa and Owen discuss various possibilities back and forth so in the end you get a truly thought out plan.  They really care about the folks they help.  It may sound corny but I sleep better because they are in my corner.

Dennis Lee
Florence, Massachusetts

When I had to sign up for Medicare, Lisa and Owen walked me through Medicare's complex options, simplified them and helped me choose the right one. I'm an attorney whose elder clients face choices even more daunting: how to pay for long-term care, how to plan for their insurance needs, how to negotiate ever mounting burdens of paperwork, much of it digital. Lisa and Owen's knowledge and compassion have been invaluable. The clients I've referred to them have had nothing but praise for the assistance they've received. If I could clone Lisa and Owen, I would. We need more of them.

Atty. Edward Smith
Hadley, MA

Whenever I have a client, colleague, or friend who is turning 65 and needs to learn about the Medicare market, there is only one "team" to be considered and that "team" is Lisa Snook-Mohan and Owen G. Mohan.  They know this market inside and out because they have been immersed in it professionally for decades.  This is a unique market and when the time comes to select the coverage that is most appropriate for your situation, you will want to work with professionals who are not dabblers but true specialists.  Lisa and Owen have the knowledge, the credibility, and the ethics to be your trusted advisors for everything Medicare related.

Tobe Lynn Gerard, CLTC, MBA, MLS
Tobe Gerard Insurance, LLC
Natick, Massachusetts
Owen and Lisa are extremely knowledgeable professionals.  They are able to effectively explain complex topics while educating their clients in a warm and friendly atmosphere.  In addition to this, we've always felt confident that Owen and Lisa have our best interest in mind and that they would never recommend a product that was unnecessary or inferior.  Over the years, we have recommended Snook and Mohan Insurance Agency to family and friends and without hesitation, will continue to do so.

Stephen Luippold and Gina Caputo
Hatfield, Massachusetts
We met with Lisa and Owen to discuss a subject we had heard a lot about but had very little information on what it could do for us and for our families.  No one wants to admit that they are getting older and we were in our early to mid-50's for gosh sakes!  Owen and Lisa went through several scenarios of plans, costs, what-ifs, etc., prompting us to consider solutions that were different for each of us based on our age gap.  Not a day goes by when I don't hear others at work who are approaching 65 and are just now thinking about Long Term Care, that I am glad we swallowed our pride and did the financial planning that we did.  Kind of hard to admit you are getting older but great that we are smarter for doing it with first class advice and understanding from Owen and Lisa.

Deborah Grassi and David Stokes
Rogers, Arkansas
We have known Lisa and Owen since 2007.  At that time our son suggested we work them because we were in a quandary about how to handle our finances and investments for the next stage of our lives. They sure set us up in the right plans and we trust them immensely and highly recommend them.

Pete and Lorraine Harrison
Yalesville, Connecticut
When faced with having to go on Medicare and choosing which plan would be the best for me, I did my research and waded through countless brochures I received in the mail, which made me more confused.  After much frustration, I gave up and found Snook and Mohan Insurance Agency. Lisa took my information and within a short amount of time she had simplified the process and reported her findings to me. She took all the weight off my shoulders and made her suggestions.  I was enrolled in a program that fit my needs perfectly.  She did so in such a personal and informative manner that was greatly appreciated. We have since referred numerous friends to Snook-Mohan Insurance and those friends have also referred others. The feedback is always the same, the quality of the service is simply unmatched.

Nancy McCarthy
Springfield, Massachusetts
I have always been well taken care of when dealing with Mr. Mohan. He is very understanding and makes sure he finds me what I need. I live in Chicopee and will drive to Northampton to do business with this Insurance Agency. I was actually introduced to Mr. Mohan by my Dad, who absolutely trusted Owen. Now, so do I. This is where I would take my business. This is one Knowledgeable man who is witty, kind and in the right job.
Thank you.

Linda L. Czerwiecki
Chicopee, Massachusetts
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25 Main Street, Suite 331
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